Saturday, May 14, 2011

Car Haiku

 Corolla, you were
A good car, until you died
On the expressway

(at rush hour).
The universe tells
Us to reduce our carbon
Footprint, loud and clear.
This was how big Rachel was when we got that car. Back when I was younger and thinner...
“Check engine” lights the
Dashboard of my Subaru
Sigh, more car haiku.
Engine light, I knew
you could not be good. Cash falls
like cherry blossoms.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Family Home Opera

That is what our friends Maggee and Al called the collection of unique and often hilarious songs one makes up to amuse babies and young children. Our standards:
  • I Hate My Seat
  • Fat Baby Dance
  • We will, we will nurse you (you have milk on your face, you big disgrace...)
  • Stealth Pooper (sung to "Day Tripper")
  • Do you hear the kitten sing (singing the song of angry cats, it's the music of a kitten who will not get to catch rats)?
  • Wouldn't It Be Nice (if you were sleeping, then you wouldn't have to squeal so loud...)
  • Five little ducks went out to play (but met a weasel)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Greenish Challenge 1

Our goal: to walk to school every day, both ways, until the end of the year. I'll be making exceptions if the weather is so awful that Sam really can't go out in it, or if we have an appointment or something immediately before or after school. So far, we are doing decently with this one: in the past three weeks, I have driven the car to school once. We have walked in rain a few times and got caught in one surprise downpour (Sam stayed pretty dry). Since we have an involuntary carbon footprint reduction going on (one of our cars died dramatically a few weeks ago), this is a pretty practical thing for us to do, and the exercise is good for all of us. I have been putting Sam in the jogger and running right after I drop them off.

"Walking every day will make us stronger."-- Rachel
"but grouchy." -- Adam.
walking on the first day of school this year

Jogging fail

1. Walked the kids to school and jogged to the park. Happy baby.
2. Ran intervals around the park for a while. It felt pretty good. Happy baby.
3. Screaming baby. Comfort baby, find no reason for screaming. Resume jogging.
4. Screaming baby. Stop, park stroller by bench. Nurse baby.
5. Random man walks past bench, eying scene with interest.
6. Sam pulls off dramatically to observe random man.
7. Calm baby. Resume jogging intervals.
8. Screaming baby. Head for home.
9. Screaming baby. Stop, remove baby from jogger. Carry baby in one arm and use the leash-thingy to manipulate the jogger with the other.
10. Baby spits up all over me, jacket, and jogger.
11. Arrive home. This strengthened my core, right?